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Why use Beamdock?


Collect user feedback from various sources.

  • Let your users create feedback or upvote an already existing request.
  • Add votes on behalf of users if received from other marketing channels.
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Let user schedule call to better understand their needs.

  • Users can choose to do a 1-on-1 call with the product team while requesting a feature.
  • Cap the number of User Interviews per feature to be productive.
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Analyse and ideate on impactful features.

  • Save $$ while building features your users really care about.
  • Improve your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and reduce your churn.
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Notify users informing feature rollout.

  • Templated emails have low engagement and open rates.
  • Send personalized emails notification to your users, updating them about the status of feature requested right within the app.
  • All business are different Beamdock gives you complete flexibility to send your emails your way.
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Repeat this cycle for growth led engineering.

  • It's time to start growth lead product development.
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