Beamdock Features

Plan and grow your business with a customer focused mindset

Feedback Management.

Manage Feedback

Manage customer feedback from various sources within beamdock

Collect Feedback

Received a customer feedback via Email, Whatsapp, Twitter? Take action by adding/upvoting feedback on behalf of your users.

Analyse Feedback

Have a feature X requested by 100s of customers? Beamdock gives you critical insight on what your users really want.

Improve CSAT

Listening to your customers show that we care about them. Improve your customer satisfaction score and reduce churn.

User/Customer Interviews

User interview scheduling tool

  • Scheduling user interviews is a pain with back and forth emails.
  • It's a part of the workflow at beamdock, user request impromptu features and immediately tries to schedule a 1-on-1 call with the product team.

Smart Capping

Do not overwhelm your team, cap the number of user interview calls per feature.

Notify Customers.

Send Regular updates

Send personalized emails notification to your users updating them about the status of feature requested right within the app.


Templated emails has negligible engagement and often lands in Promotions tab. Beamdock allows you to send your emails your way.

Handlebar support

Use supported handlebars to send personalized emails.

White labeled

Custom domain

Host the app on your own domain/subdomain


Change your business logo, favicon, SEO metatags, colours to match your brand Identity.

Custom SSO

Use your own login system via single sign on implementation

Public Roadmap

Public Product Roadmap

Show your users what's cooking and what's being planned. This helps them know what to expect out of the app.

Build your community


Encourage customers to participate in feature discussion, this brings in a sense of community amongst your users.

Internal Notes

Take private and confidential notes visible to your team hidden from public view.

Inbuilt Analytics Support

Google Analytics

Add GA tracking code to track users visiting your portal.

Facebook Pixel

Add Facebook tracking code to track users visiting your portal.